Who doesn’t love light through coloured glass? Take a regular glass lantern and turn it into something amazing in any of these lantern classes. Learn how to create fused glass inserts to turn your lantern into a unique piece of art and add some colour to your evenings. Add a candle and watch your creation come to life! No previous glass experience required. Course fee for each is $145 (includes instruction and supplies.)

SNOWMEN: Let these snowmen lanterns warm your heart and light up the room
HOLLY DAYS: Create a nature-inspired holiday-themed lantern
WINTER DAZE: Similar to our popular Winter Nights course, Create a winter scenery for your four-sided lantern
BIRDS AND BRANCHES: Similar to our Birds On A Branch Plate course
TREE LIGHTS: Create a four paneled tree themed lantern
MOSAIC: Using scrap fusing glass create an abstract mosaic-style lantern
WRAP AROUND LANTERNS: Themes of these lanterns vary to include things that wrap continuously around your four paneled lantern